Pherform Classes

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We know better than anybody how to create the body you want!
SCULPT classes are designed target specific body parts (legs/booty/abs/arms&shoulders) in a highly-scientific way to create beautiful shape and tone.


ORBIT classes are full-body workouts focused on either high intensity interval training or strength where you will rotate through intelligently-programmed movement sequences in the most effective, results-driven programming.


HARDCORE combines TRX suspension training with bodyweight exercises to dynamically challenge the entire core and build functional strength and rippling abs!


IGNITE is short duration, high intensity workouts that you attack at your own pace.
We focus on intelligent exercise selection and ensure that you can push the accelerator in a results-driven manner.


Our REV Spin classes are the perfect compliment to our strength classes – and give an amazing workout in a fun and exciting environment.


LIFT classes focus on building absolute strength and correcting any imbalances in the body. Learn from the best strength coaching team in Asia – as we make you stronger than you ever thought possible!
We cater to all levels – from complete beginner to aspiring athlete!


RUMBLE is a fitness-focused approach to kickboxing to have an awesome full-body workout and release stress while developing empowering skills in a range of combat movements.


Our BELLE Classes are packed with one of the most ancient pieces of strength training equipment, and it’s for a good reason.


RESTORE Vinyasa flow yoga is the yang to our yin.
We stretch, move, and challenge the body through a flowing movement practise which de-stresses the body and builds a body awareness almost impossible to do with any other modality.

Want guaranteed results working with proven experts?