Asia's Premier women's-specific health & fitness facility

Expert guidance in a group setting

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One on one coaching with elite professionals

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Our specialised environment for optimal training

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Why us?

From the creator of Bikini Fit, Pherform is Asia's Premier women's-specific health & fitness studio, setting the new standard in elite personal coaching and small group classes.

For far too long – the fitness industry has fed women a bunch of bullish*t when it comes to health and fitness. Playing on women’s emotional connection to an immediate result. We have seen every fitness fad, craze and trend come and go.

Pherform intends to change that. We want you to share in this story.

Pherform’s vision is at the very core of how we execute every minute, of every hour, of every day…

We empower and encourage you into becoming the strongest version of yourself – physically, emotionally and mentally.

We are here to build community, to build confidence, to build mutual respect that we are all united in becoming our best selves, while having fun with our friends.

Imagine a facility that became a second-home. Where you are surrounded by a diverse and insanely positive group of women who all support each other in developing a relationship with exercise that amplifies their confidence and ambition. Pherform is just this place.

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